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The first Montfort Missionaries arrive in the United States at Port Jefferson, NY in 1903

Today Montfort Missionaries from the USA serve in the Dioceses of Brooklyn, Rockville Centre, the Archdioceses of Hartford and Saint Louis and also as missionaries in Nicaragua, Central America.

Throughout the world, more than 700 religious brothers and priests serve the Church in more than 30 countries.  In all we do, we work alongside dedicated men and women who form partners in our missionary work and help us preach the Good News and to call the Church to live for God Alone.

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Montfort Missionaries preach the Gospel... an international family of priests and brothers consecrated to Jesus through Mary.

When St Louis de Montfort prayed to the Lord for followers he dreamt that his disciples would be dedicated to preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Wisdom of God. Since 1703 those followers of the saint have brought the Gospel message to people in many corners of the globe, including the United States of America.

The first Montfort Missionaries came to the United States in 1903. The bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese sought priests who could help serve the French speaking immigrants of his diocese. Since then American Montfort Missionaries have gone to many other lands with the same message of Good News for all who choose to live their baptismal consecration and walk with Jesus everyday.

Here you will find information about our founder, our history in this country, and also find access to worldwide congregation of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary. Preaching the Gospel of Christ means that we have to take the Word of God to as many people as possible. This site is another way for us to share what we have seen and heard: that Jesus is the Incarnation of God’s Eternal Wisdom and we are called to open our lives to Him just like Mary from Nazareth.

Live in Peace and do all for God Alone